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18. The CMA invites interested persons to join as either associate members or professional members. Membership is free!

19. Enquiries about the CMA or membership requests can be sent to the CEO, Rev Jesse van der Valk at in London. In future applications will be made to the Management Committee.

20. The CMA will have an annual conference including an AGM. The founder is the Rev Jesse, who is a priest in Anglican orders, in the Diocese of Southwark.

21. The CMA will have a Management Committee as soon as practically possible, which will report to the AGM.

22. Rules governing the CMA will be decided by the Management Committee and AGM.

23. You shall not oppress a hired servant who is poor and needy, whether he is one of your brethren or one of the sojourners who are in your land within your towns; you shall give him his hire on the day he earns it, before the sun goes down (for he is poor and sets his heart upon it); lest he cry out against you to the Lord, and it be a sin in you. (Deuteronomy 24: 14-15 / RSV)

24. As Jesus said: 'the worker deserves his wages.' (Luke 10: 7 / NIV)

25. The scripture says, "Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the corn," and "The worker deserves his wages." (1 Timothy 5: 18 / NIV)

26. The CMA is a not for profit organisation and will seek to obtain charitable status.

27. Please support the CMA and pray for us as we pray for you in your life and ministry!

The Rectory



January 2016